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Why hire James A. Thomas? With Jimmy defending, your rights can mean:

  • No increase in your insurance rates.
  • Ticket may actually be reversed.
  • Avoiding Driving School (in most cases).
  • Personal satisfaction of representation.
  • No court appearance necessary, saving you valuable time.
  • Attorney is present at all court appearances to protect your rights.

  • DUI Defense

    The state of Florida has one of the toughest Drunk Driving Laws in the U.S. and the penalties are getting tougher each year. Do not let a lapse in judgment affect the rest of your life. Act quickly and contact the Tampa Ticket King. Knowledgeable…

    DUI Defense
  • Criminal Defense

    Criminal Investigations, Trials & Appeals Tampa Florida – Criminal Defense A criminal arrest carries issues that could last a lifetime. The simple accusation of criminal activity could have a devastating effect on your job, your reputation, your family, notwithstanding the fines, immigration consequences and permanent…

    Criminal Defense
  • Traffic Ticket Defense

    The Law Offices of James “Jimmy” Thomas specializes in Florida traffic laws and defending against all traffic citations all over Hillsborough County. The Tampa Ticket King is always ready to guide you about your citation and help you through the process. You do not want…

    Traffic Ticket Defense
  • Driving While Licensed Suspended

    The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) and the courts have the ability to suspend or revoke your driver’s license on a variety of grounds. Sometimes, your driver’s license can be suspended without you even knowing it. If you are caught driving on…

    Driving While Licensed Suspended
  • Hit and Run

    Florida Hit and Run Lawyer Have you been acused of leaving the scene of an accident? If a driver is involved in an auto accident he or she must stop and exchange contact information and provide medical assistance. The failure to do so is a…

    Hit and Run
  • Racing on the Highway

    Reckless Driving is a serious offense; unlike other traffic violations, you can’t just pay a ticket. A criminal charge, Reckless Driving cases are handled by the State Attorney’s prosecutors. Reckless Driving carries a penalty of up to ninety days in jail and a fine of…

    Racing on the Highway
  • Violation of Probation

    Florida Criminal Defense Attorney - James A. Thomas, "Jimmy" can help. Arrested for a Probation Violaton in Miami-Dade County? If you’ve been arrested for a probation violation or community control violation in Florida, your freedom and future are at risk. Consulting a Florida criminal defense…

    Violation of Probation