With a Proven Track Record, We Protect Your Rights!

Read below to see what Jimmy’s clients have to say – this is why he’s called the Ticket King!

  • Jimmy is truly the Ticket KING! He helped me fight two tickets I received in the same month. He settled them both and saved me thousands of dollars in fines, fees, and raised insurance rates!

    Dan G. - South Tampa, Florida

  • Just moved into the Tampa Bay area and got a speeding ticket, a friend said to call the Ticket King, Jimmy Thomas.  He was able to get the ticket dismissed with no points.  Thanks Jimmy!

    Melissa S. - Westchase, Florida

  • I was involved in a hit and run accident recently, I  provided proper information to the other driver, which after the fact, they claimed I fled the scene.  Jimmy was able to get all the charges dropped and I was able to go on my way, the other person is now facing insurance fraud.

    J. Smith - Tampa, Florida