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With a Proven Track Record, We Protect Your Rights!

The Law Offices of James “Jimmy” Thomas specializes in Florida traffic laws and defending against all traffic citations all over Hillsborough County. The Tampa Ticket King is always ready to guide you about your citation and help you through the process. You do not want to waste your time in courts and Jimmy knows how to resolve the problem with less expenses and as quickly as possible. Jimmy and his staff are well-known for taking good care of their clients in a fast, efficient, and courteous manner.

Don’t make that mistake; any citation is always worth a consultation. An experienced traffic attorney can help you find out how it would affect your DMV record and will work with you to find the best solution to that citation. Leading such busy lives, we all depend on our driving privileges to manage daily life, and, because of that, you do not want to risk that privilege over even a “simple and unimportant” traffic citation.

Unless you are well-versed in Florida traffic law, you would not be able to do much good in a traffic court. A well-experienced traffic attorney can use his working relationship with judges and court clerks to effectively take care of your citation and reduce or even dismiss the charges without any implication on your record.

Jimmy Thomas is experienced in defending against all Florida traffic citations. Whether you have a speeding ticket, a red light ticket, a DUI/DWI charge, reckless driving or other infractions, let the Tampa Ticket King use his expertise to help you.

Traffic Ticket Defense